Tuesday, 13 December 2011

All along your life, people come and go. Some hurt you, some make you smile, but each one of them leaves something of theirs with us. The new lessons they teach us, the new aspects of life they show us, making us better equipped to face the world. STRONGER. and some motivate you in a certain way, who never get tired of giving words of encouragement to you : )

Gosh, how I missed my friends back in Malaysia. I missed all of em! I have a lot of closed friends (not bragging) but it's a fact lol and I missed our times together. Sigh. I wonder will they ever be the same when I come back in the future? Or will we get to relive those days when I come back? This thing does boggle around my mind sometimes. I hate changes. But I gotta accept and live with it right? Hmm :/

Friends here are still new for me, but sometimes it's hard to be myself all the time, I mean yeah you can't really show who you are to them, I don't wanna scare them off later lol. But but but some of them are super nice people! I think if I were to open up more to them, I'm very sure we'll be good friends : D Maybe I shall start to stop caring about how people perceive me. Some will like me and some wont. Either attitude is as likely to be right or wrong. True? I sometimes feel a bit caught up in constantly wondering "Do they think I'm funny? Does she think I'm fat? Do they think I'm stupid? Am I good/clever enough to be a part of their group of friends? I think to be myself i've got to let go of these concerns and just let my behavior flow. I'm imperfect, growing and learning human being, yes no?

So, yeah ;)

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  1. assalamualaikum.

    fat? hahaha. kinda hard leaving all those people behind right?

    I felt that after leaving matrik, and felt it again as I move here.

    I'm sure you'll be fine. Prolong period(of depression), maybe, but every period has its end. :)