Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Incredible Egypt?

Backaches. Exhaustion. Cramped ass. Fatigue sleep. Boredom.

Oh well well well, long hours of a journey from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Cairo International Airport was a heck one of a trip. The tiredness was beyond words to describe. Felt that my body was encumbered with heavy loads. Movements restricted, I didn't get to do dynamism that much. Tell me who could move/stretch their body on an aircraft? Unless if you are a flight attendant, the movement still restricted to just move forwards and backwards with a specific anatomical position. The crowds on airship made me feel a bit claustrophobic. I slept half-way of a journey, the part-way I killed my time watching movies and and and and gazing around the cabin, I couldn't stop noticing the way people acted. Some of them gave direct attention to the mini LCD, while some of them enjoyed catching sight of every corner of the aircraft, and half of them wished for just a nap but ended up hibernated themselves throughout the journey. Lol.

Time just passed like a dust wiped by the wind. I realized the plane was about to touch down when the lead  cabin crew announced upon landing and I could see the flight attendants remain stationed at exits. 15 minutes took off to keep calm. and Finally passengers disembarked the plane. Oh-uhh I finally gasped for air! Gladly reached at Bahrain International Airport for transit. Stayed overnight at a hotel. The weather was too cold yet quite refreshing. I couldn't stop shivering to the blasting climate.

I was quite stunned by the amazing land of Bahrain City. It is considered to be one of the most superb natural beauties of its own capital, Manama. Although, Bahrain is the smallest city, its astonishing beauties can never be a let down. The place captivated much and made me feel outta this world. I wish I could spend longer bouts travelling around the city, but time paced so much faster than ever, we already had to leave for Cairo.

Another few more hours on the airplane before arriving, I had nothing beneficial to do but bedtime : ) Good enough sleep I must say as it took about few times for my friend to wake me up.

So, here we were, in Cairo International Airport. It didn't measure up to my expectations. But, I couldn't outrageously put overall assumptions about it yet. I might be wrong. 2 and half hours of journey from Cairo to Mansoura by bus really no fun. The surroundings didn't capture my attention much, probably because of the long-haul traveling contributed exhaustion which totally brought down my mood to even look around. : (

We reached Mansoura around 9.30pm, in the back of my mind I always thought Mansoura is a far-out place, but I was wrong. It isn't that kind of poverty-stricken place. It is just nice and convenient to study. I'm hoping for upcoming great days with new people here.

p/s : A great start to learn deeper about other people's culture.


  1. You were amaze by Bahrain?? ...okay, no further comment :P

  2. Hey, Ariffs, it isnt that bad :p Maybe time kitaorg lalu tu, tempat tu lawa ka :p hehe, but the buildings are quite beautiful, for me :p HEHE