Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Burppppdayyyy y'ol!

Today. 30th September. I turn a year older whenever this date comes. I go by the age of 19. Sounds old? But I'm neither one of the old people, I'm just a recycled teenager : D Everyone has a version of this story on their birthday. However, the main storyline remains the same.

I went out dinner with my family which was on the night before my birthday. Mom and dad acted as if nothing worth would happen on 30th. It's either they planned something secretly for me or they totally forgot about it. Hmm :'(

Time clocked at 12am, I received lots of enlightening birthday wishes from my fam members and friends. Wishes are just enough for me. It's like people are praying good things for you. : ) Alhamdulillah, I'm still breathing at this point of age, I still have my loved ones around me, I still can see this beautiful world. I'm too grateful for words. : )

One thing I noticed about the wishes, was most of em were hoping for me to get married fast! Haha. Omg! This is hilarious. I mean oh come on I'm only 19, I myself never expect to get hitched this young? But why not? Haha. I don't know why but I always dream a marriage : ) But, cut it off Ena, for god sake you are only 19! Gosh!

And not forgotten for those who bought me pressies! : ) I love gifts and surprises! For 2 consecutive years, I always had a surprise from my good friends, this time was a bit different, I didn't feel like having joy on my birthday, I have two days left before I push off to Egypt :' ( It saddens me a lot, I have no idea how to put into words to utter my feelings : / Only Allah knows.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for the wishes! Mean so much to me, May Allah bless all of you.

Lotsofloveeeee people!

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