Thursday, 17 November 2011

Are these the reasons why you want to become a doctor?

I found this image on a friend's page but none of these supports my point to become one.

When I was a kid, I listed a few things I could do when I grow up. And being a doctor was never in my list. I liked Maths, but I hate to do calculations at times. I was just lack of willingness. Whenever people asked me "What is your next goal to achieve?" I would say 'I want to be a CEO someday' But no one gave a damn about it. 

As the years passed by, I got discouraged and wished to just revamp my goal. I want to do something that could give my life a purpose. Something I could contribute to the community and so on. That's becoming a doctor. I imagined of having a high salary, happiness, buying a sports car and living my dream house. I sometimes get a little bit twist when people claimed being a doctor is all your choice if you wish to have all that in hands. Honestly, I never think so.

Being a doctor is not all about money, but it's about your willingness to help people. And I believe becoming a doctor is the most rewarding journey you will ever experience. You will in charge of preserving life, bringing life into this world, saving lives, and diagnosing problems in the lives of many people quickly and effectively. And I'm not saying doctors are so powerful can heal anything, they can only try their best to help prescribing medication not to heal anything! Only God does that : ) Hell big of a responsibility to take on, I believe! Oh, and not only that, lol

 but, you will carry an amazing pride behind being a medical student. Hehehe. You know why?  

Let's just take this situation : everybody has heard about the dinner you're invited to by your fiancé's family where the father grills you about what you do, who you are and what you plan to be. All before even attempting to ask what your intensions were with his daughter.
We all have seen the expression and instantaneous relief and happiness in the father's body language as soon as he hears his daughter is dating someone studying to be a doctor, or better yet IN medical school.
What you may not realize is that this is not just something that many fathers want for their daughters- to marry someone who is successful and career oriented- but many of the fathers whom are or were doctors themselves see an immense flow of respect for the guy whom is studying to enter this field. Hehehe. Okay, enough Elina!!!!!
You can have a high ambition, give your life a purpose, choose a career but the most important thing is to work strenuously and steadily to achieve that ambition and never go adrift. : ) Make sure you'll be able to differentiate between wishful thinkers and day-dreamers : D 
No matter what you are doing, never ever forget to perform your prayers and renew your 'niat' always. : ) 


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    You won't get rich by being a good doctor.

    You're might end up poor.

    But after that and if you are still smiling, people would know you have a rich heart.

  2. Yes, true. : ) It's not all about money and being a doctor doesn't promise you a wealthy life but the happiness you get of your willingness to help people : ) and becoming a doctor is more than you can possibly imagine..