Thursday, 1 September 2011

there is just one life for each of us: our own

Often times I simply get caught up in the ordinary stuff of life. Like I don't feel good about this and that, then my mind starts to wonder why things don't go this way but why not things go the way I want em to be? Sometimes I do feel that I need a radical dose of truth to snap out of it and get MY thinking straight. Instead of wishing for more, newer or better, take another look at what I already have. Scorn for the ordinary is something I easily lead to believe and with that in mind I must train myself to always feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation NO MATTER HOW BAD LIFE BRINGS ME DOWN.

I'm still breathing- Unlike some people who only depend on the oxygen tank struggling for their lives.

I am alive - I'm able to wake up every morning and stretch my arms and say 'thanks for the gift of a brand new day'

I have my family - Unlike some people who don't belong to a family. I'm glad I have them around to give me opportunity to give, receive love, laughter, grow and etc.

I can see - With my eyes, i can watch the magnificent world I live in. I can see MY face in the mirror. I can see beautiful faces of people. I can see my special someone's face hehehe.

I can hear -. I can hear the laughter of family, friends, the ringing of my phone, and hear the words “I love you.” :)

I can speak - I can utter words that can encourage, inspire, teach, guide, comfort, uplift, motivate and say the words “Thank you”; “I am here for you”; and “I love you.” I can speak sarcastically too lol

I can move - . I can be joy in motion. I can dance, I can run, I can tap, and I am able to travel around the world!!!

I can eat - I can stuff myself with chocolate cakes (all-time fav), I can have ice-creams, nyumnyum. I can taste sweetness and bitterness of food, not spicy ones!

I can drink - I can have fresh juices to quench my thirst. Oh yehh

I can smell - I can smell my body!!!! The perfume of my beloved one :p

I can touch - By touching, I can express my love without words. Special caress and soothe would be for my future husband lol

I can read - Read messages : ) I can read letters or words and they are not inverted or jumbled.

I can feel - all sorts of emotions : ) Happy, sad, excitement blablabla and the most important thing is LOVE! ; )

I can think - I can doll up! and the list goes on : )

Life is beautiful, isn't it?

I love my life, I love myself most importantly. I value myself so much : ) Even I put on my biggest smile, that doesn't mean everything is good for me, BUT, things can never always go the way we want them to be, I'm grateful enough for what I have, for things I go through or I've been through. Alhamdulillah syukur ya Allah : )

I just wanna spice up! You know make sure to add something interesting in my daily routine. Following a schedule is good, but this can eventually become boring. Its like i'll already know what to expect on a daily basis. The things that i do end up becoming automatic, so it’s time that I need shake it up and take things up a notch.

my purpose is to just sneak in something different so that i’ll see what’s worth doing when i run out of ideas. Just need to give myself a break as well. It's like my weekends should be mine.

It’s a matter of spoiling myselff every so often.

Do that as well! You’ll see how much better your days can be. :)