Thursday, 25 August 2011

You are what you feel.

Ay ho people! I can't believe I'm trending myself again with this 'ons and offs' mode of writing. And I'm like WTF =,=' So sorry for been locking up my blog for too long, And I doubt most of you are avid readers of my blog. Tsktsk. To say my eagerness to write ceased would be an oversimplification. It's not like I have never written anything, I do write, spamming my friends' timeline on twittah : ) I somewhat involve in producing lines : p It's just that my blog has been an uncommunicative online journal : ( Ok boil down the crap now, move to where I'm heading.

It's been a stressful yet bearable month for me. I mean, I'm grateful I actually make through this Holy month, no diabolism and get to re-evaluate my life in light of Islamic Guidance. I've been truthfully looking for this month, to actually instill enlightenment to Allah, insyaAllah :p I think we are all damaged in our own way, nobody's perfect , i think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us. But, I'm trying and never stop trying to improve to be better.

Nevertheless, life still meets you with difficulties and struggles. Life is not easy, even for those who have that pretty easy lives. You need to make the best use of your mind to react and work em out. I believe depression   has been shown to pave the way to illness and you know there's this feeling make you 'I don't feel good about myself'. I feel that sometimes and it seems like nothing will ever go right again.  

But then I came up with this 'Mindful awakening therapy' lol. I gave a room for myself to experiment home facials : D I have always wanted to lie still and take a few moments to experience the sensations around me, like how my head feels resting on the pillow, how the comforter feels on my body, and how the homemade natural remedies feel on my face : ) Oh people, believe me! I felt rejuvenated and revitalized. Felt so pampered on my skin, but not only that, it even maximized benefit to completely relax your mind and body : )

I used mostly basic homemade remedies, and it's known that different type of facial masks has come a boon for all those longing for a flawless complexion and to bring back the glow : D So, you could try some basic homemade facials if you can't afford going to the spa on a regular basis. Whatever it is, be gentle to your face, do not simply scratch the texture of your skin you might accumulate the bacteria on the pores of your face unknowingly, do not touch your pimples (I experienced it myself, will lead you to disappointment, dude!) and please be alert of what product or homemade facials you are using, some may not be applied to all skin types. Just get a moment and understand your skin texture. Take care of your beauty and hygiene. You needn't necessarily to have sharp features, like pointy nose, sharp jaws, pouty lips etc. Do what makes you feel beautiful and gain the glow! 

Okay chow.

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