Friday, 26 August 2011


Maxxx Maxxx.
Drools for the botak!

Fav lines : 
I hear your heart, cry for love.
But you won’t let me make it right.
You were hurt, but I decided,
That you were worth the fight

In your heart, in your heart, in your heart.
I don’t care who was there before.
Give me a chance I’d make a,
Permanent reservation.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I can tell you can fit one more.
Open up make a brand new start,
I don’t care who’s stayed before.

Aww, touched touched.

54th playlist

Music washes away the dusts of life.

Current favourite : ) 
Civalias - Anything but you
Fav lines : 
I see the colors in your face like the paintings that you hang
But only you can read your mind
You don't believe me when I say that your smile makes my day
A little better every time
And I just don't know what else to do
I can't think of anything but you
Oh dude, seriously I hate my blog skin. Yuck! Last time my blog used to well turned-out and abit saucy. LOL. Now, I have drawn a blank on how to revamp my blog skin. Euwww, me suck : (

Bye :'( </3

Thursday, 25 August 2011

I don't know what I am feeling now, I wish you could read. 

You are what you feel.

Ay ho people! I can't believe I'm trending myself again with this 'ons and offs' mode of writing. And I'm like WTF =,=' So sorry for been locking up my blog for too long, And I doubt most of you are avid readers of my blog. Tsktsk. To say my eagerness to write ceased would be an oversimplification. It's not like I have never written anything, I do write, spamming my friends' timeline on twittah : ) I somewhat involve in producing lines : p It's just that my blog has been an uncommunicative online journal : ( Ok boil down the crap now, move to where I'm heading.

It's been a stressful yet bearable month for me. I mean, I'm grateful I actually make through this Holy month, no diabolism and get to re-evaluate my life in light of Islamic Guidance. I've been truthfully looking for this month, to actually instill enlightenment to Allah, insyaAllah :p I think we are all damaged in our own way, nobody's perfect , i think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us. But, I'm trying and never stop trying to improve to be better.

Nevertheless, life still meets you with difficulties and struggles. Life is not easy, even for those who have that pretty easy lives. You need to make the best use of your mind to react and work em out. I believe depression   has been shown to pave the way to illness and you know there's this feeling make you 'I don't feel good about myself'. I feel that sometimes and it seems like nothing will ever go right again.  

But then I came up with this 'Mindful awakening therapy' lol. I gave a room for myself to experiment home facials : D I have always wanted to lie still and take a few moments to experience the sensations around me, like how my head feels resting on the pillow, how the comforter feels on my body, and how the homemade natural remedies feel on my face : ) Oh people, believe me! I felt rejuvenated and revitalized. Felt so pampered on my skin, but not only that, it even maximized benefit to completely relax your mind and body : )

I used mostly basic homemade remedies, and it's known that different type of facial masks has come a boon for all those longing for a flawless complexion and to bring back the glow : D So, you could try some basic homemade facials if you can't afford going to the spa on a regular basis. Whatever it is, be gentle to your face, do not simply scratch the texture of your skin you might accumulate the bacteria on the pores of your face unknowingly, do not touch your pimples (I experienced it myself, will lead you to disappointment, dude!) and please be alert of what product or homemade facials you are using, some may not be applied to all skin types. Just get a moment and understand your skin texture. Take care of your beauty and hygiene. You needn't necessarily to have sharp features, like pointy nose, sharp jaws, pouty lips etc. Do what makes you feel beautiful and gain the glow! 

Okay chow.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

thoughtful day!

Period.  Comma.  Exclamation Mark.  Questions.  What you say and how you say it, will influence every relationship and conversation you have in your life.  Have you ever said something and the other person took it the wrong way? I honestly have always faced this kind of situation. I mean yeah, sometimes I don't have an idea what the other person is talking? is she/he trying to make me feel offended? Or That's just how she/he sounds it? 

Perhaps, it was the tone in your voice or your body language.  Were you too loud?  Were you rolling your eyes?  Were you making some weird FACE expressions?  In every situation, I think you should consider very carefully how you interact to the people around you.  Whether it is your family,friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, your words and how you speak them will impact your relationships in the way that YOU CHOOSE to impact them.  If you expect a certain reaction or to be treating respectfully, choose your words and how you say them very carefully.  

You wouldn't want to poison yourself with negative thinking right? So, consider your words, you do not have to sound really mean and make other people feel offensive about your words. It blocks communication and friendships. And that does not mean you have to please everyone like fuck. LOL. I am actually writing this for the food for my thought ; - )

Have a glowing day peoplee! 

Here's the song for you guys to enjoy : 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Worthiness gained. Pre-medic 2011 : )

5th June 2011, It was a day where the things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember.

 The date, I was inscribed as a premedic student, had this bummed out feeling as I expected it could be.  Big piece of myself had an unbalanced hunch with mixed-up emotions not knowing if I could bear with the-so-much-distance-from-family-and-favourite-people-where-I-could-have-enjoyed-with-them. For God sake, it was only few miles away, UPM, Serdang. Scratch the miles, I loved them too much and it was still quite far away for me : p and another problem was I just couldn't clarify why was it hard to accept the fact I'm still gonna go away even not now, but later on at some point in life. If I didn't turn up for the course,I'd be dead guilty for my parents even when they won't blame me. But my mom and dad have had an impact in my life one way or the other. 

At certain times in our lives we have trouble accepting things are literally good for us, because things are not how we want them to be, right? In the back of my mind I always thought this could be a good course for me to attend, for my sake, it has a freaking chronicle of my targeted future. But, my driving force inside of me, enraged, because I want things in a certain way. All I knew I was weighed down with a feeling of my heart was dead set against the premedic course and felt almost like a small child shouting within me 'NO'!! and whilst I physically don't act like a child and stamp my feet. Whatever my fortune could be, I still went on with the new circumstances.

5th June :
- enrolled for the course
- house key and room key taken
- met new faces from different states
- Gotta know my housemates <3
- Solat Isya Jemaah 

It was really good to know my housemates, we did a bit of icebreaking in our house and, they are very amiable and easy to talk to. I've got a kelantanese roomate, I called her, B : ) That night, I started to adjust to a new environment or some of you might say 'culture shock', for me personally, culture shock is not like as sudden or as shocking as most of you expect, it's like a cultural adaptation. Adapt with new people at a new place. Being self-centred doesn't work if you are in a new setting. I honestly experienced some of discomforts at first but I believe it was a natural stage in order to redesign your new environment. 

The next Monday morning, 6th June, we had our very first lecture from 9am to 12pm. Yes, it was right on 3 hours. It was something I never ever had in my entire life  that freaking 3 hours of lecture (in fact we don't do that in matrics even for extra classes!) and they paused you just about freaking 5 mins? It was totally not enough! I couldn't even comfortably stretch my butt! Then here came my commonsensical thinking 'Ohh macam ni rupanya medic life' But, let me put both feet on the ground, that was just a PRE-MEDIC course, dude! Gahhh. We had a 2-hour break and free food given : DDDDD (3 times a day, free food were given from Monday to Friday and Saturday they only prepared for breakfast and lunch, Sunday, food was on our own) Then at 2pm, we had a tutorial class till 4pm. The topic would cover everything we learnt in the lecture. If you didn't pay enough attention in the lecture, you'd face backbreaking in the tutorial class. lol. The syllabus was hell lot okay! We learnt 5 subjects : Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Embryology & Histology. And at 5pm to 7pm, we had an arabic class. Its fun to learn new lang although it's damn hard for me : ( the only thing I remember was ana kamaan lol it means me too. And that was because one of my classmates always said that in the class. ;>

At first, although the new situation may be confusing, I find it to be exhilarating, a time of new experiences, sights, sounds, and activities. AND the best part was you'll get to know the people around you, differences, as well as similarities. I love meeting new people, knowing them, I love it. And glad they are very nice people. My classmates are awesome, my other bunch of friends too. We are like a big family seriously : )  You know when you are in a new place with  different people, I mean everywhere you go, there's always a drama, it's either happening to yourself, or other people. Like you have this love at first sight thing, then you have this girl hates another girl for being famous, or you could find this group of people, the misfits. the rebels. The troublemakers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. :-)  and some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. But they are who they are, I enjoy knowing this kind of people, because I respect our differences and as long as they know their limits and never get in the way I'm going, that's fine for me : )

The best thing was when you could have a get-together every night. as always you could only get closed to each other when you felt the atmosphere of being separated, which was like 2 weeks before everybody left. I hate it, but I gotta live it, at least we had the chance to be closed and shared moments together : ) It was great to come down every night and played basketball/badminton together, laughed, took thousands of piccies :D and a whole lot more. And there was this 'I teased you, you teased me' moments. And something I'll never ever forget is the teamwork we contributed. Too precious for words and everyone seemed effortlessly helpful! All that was down when we needed to do our own drama for the ARABIC PERFORMANCE NIGHT. Everyone seemed timely productive and came out with a brilliant idea to do with that kind of story. But, definitely thanks big time to our director Munira Seliman : D Oh, I played as Widaad, Gaber's wife. My hubby was a gynaecologist. It was quite a moment of embarassment after all LOL. But yeah it all done, praised to Allah. It was a very successful night and I honestly proud of whoever ran & managed the event. The food was good especially when they served kambing and satay : D

Everything doesn't appear all good, there must be at least a contravention which we had to sit and face for our weekly exam. And whenever we had a test every Saturdays, you could see everyone was breaking their neck and went all out for the exam. Uhh.  I accustomed to that kind of life few months back in matrics. I missed it. And It was hard to relive those days during the premedic course. lol Inhale, exhale, relax. That was what I did best whenever I felt a little depressed or anxious. It's like if you don't make every effort, you won't get to the top. That's how stressful you could be!!! Still and all, I learnt to be passionate for our troubles, the trials of life and bear with the hardships and push your potential ability to the limit if you want to succeed! : )

 It's surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time. 23rd July it was the end of everything. The priceless experiences we gained in the premedic course took us steps to be an apprentice medical student soon : ) May Allah bless all of you.And I have pictures for you guys : D

My lovely housemates :
From left : Thira, Wani, Nurul, B, Finaz (behind me), Fatihah and Yang
Miss gossiping, shouting in the house, eating and walking together to the class with them ;'(
<3 <3 <3

           My classmates : Finaz, Muni and Aqilah. 
They are psycho to death! Miss those crazy moments and arguing with them!
Love you guys!

Some of my tutor mates : ) Happening yo'!

Hahahaha that's my friend Filzah :p Apa Filzah buat tu oiiiii ;p
My fav scene in our drama : )

Fuyohhh KL gangster habis! Bravo to Zafri and Hakim. 

I played as Widaad and Hakim played as Gaber.

That's Muni! Our director and also played as a pregnant woman, I was holding her baby : D 
Okay, macam dah ready lol

and we won first placeeeeeeee!

the guys in my tutorial group, the one wore maroon shirt is Zuhri, That was his last night. He left premedic for KKN. 

Meet Shafinas and Naim!

Gila gila friends. :)

We love taking pictures. Hehe =D

Sheesshh tak clear : ( It was the last dinner with them and our dear ustazah at 
Half-Moon restaurant. The food was yummeh.

So, that's all. Thanks for reading. Byeeeeeee : )

Monday, 8 August 2011


Hello, we meet again :D

what's new here? exam results collected! Yeah I understand the panicked feeling you get before the exam results day, the signs of struggling to sleep, too much of 'whatifs' on your mind, constantly worrying about your future, being scared of letting people down. I had gone through all these a week before my exam results day which fell on May 18th 2011, big-league momentous-mattered-much day! 

Because of 200+ thousands students accessed to the same site, the internet reliability and speed was a big turn-0ff =/

Argh, I almost gave up. I ended up sleeping the whole day =/ It was at 9pm by the time I checked my result. WOW. It was good enough for me, more than enough, i never expected, I mean like you know with that kind of result  could never stop me from going out more often! hehehe. Alhamdulillah. I still believe effort and hard work will eventually pay off at the end of the day and you will gain something unexpected or something beyond your words! I'm grateful :D

Some of you might not be happy with the result, you might turn out and say 'darn, i should have done better' or 'i would have stayed up everynight' or 'If i didnt stick my butt in front of a lappi, i would have gotten better'. You know what? There's no time for that, seriously. Never regret for what happened in the past, happening now or will happen soon. Allah has always better plans for you, all you could do is just pray for the best. You have done your best, you struggled like a mad kid, but Allah gave u that much. Its okay, never moan, that will make yourself look ugly. Be strong, face people, move on and always be better. Take it as a lesson, never blame the fate, You just don't know what awaits you in the future, it might suprise you. Just always be prepared for the unexpected. :)

Have a good dayyhh, peeps!