Tuesday, 26 April 2011

you've got great smiles? then im falling fr you babyy!

hello beautiful people!

:) do you know  how you can be sexy to someone? how? just smile to them with all your heart. that makes u sexy and beautiful :) remember, first impression is very important!

When someone meets you, they make split second decisions about who you are, what you're like to be with, and much more. This is true for friends, for potential dates, for business partners, and much more. ITs part of how the world goes around. Good or bad, it's important to be aware of this.
One of the very first things a person looks at is your face. the eyes are the windows to the soul, and all of that. Then, as you start talking, people naturally watch the lips.

texture of the lip is very important, you do not want it to look cracked or dried right? so use your moisturizer. you need that, seriously. drink a plenty of water and hydrate it. If ui want your lips to be plump like angelina jolie? usually the upper lip will thin out faster, but you can always make it smooth and plump by just putting smiles on your face, thats more or less like a face exercise ya know? :D

THE MAIN TOPIC HERE is just : smile :) smile :)

Your face will be ten times prettier by simply smiling, betulll! remember, your face is your most obvious tool of expression, usually its the first thing people see. People make first impressions about us based on our faces. So show the world you're feeling happy by smiling.
You'll not only be prettier, people will wonder what you're up to, lalalala.
Don't be a grouch. Be friendly. Smile. Laugh often. Smiling happy people are more approachable and prettier. and guys love those girls who smile alot and make them laugh. seriously! :D

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