Friday, 22 April 2011

sugar rush

From now on, I just want to be happy :D i do not want to linger on small matter probably that will make me down.

I just wanna focus on the purpose of life. I am going to be determined :D But something that you need to know is being happy doesn't mean everything is perfectly alright :) I just choose to look beyond imperfections. I am gonna appreciate and like what I have instead of what I dont have. after all life is just too short to be sad about.

I am going through hell and Ill keep going, I just wanna have 'checked' for my goals. it seems hard if you think it is, but if you have the effort, you have faith, everything is just in your hands. I just wanna give a meaning to my suffering all this while.

and I understand, no matter how hard we try to be happy, if something bad comes up, they will always bring us down, yeah i got it. buat terbaik jea la kan? LOL

whatever it is, let you life touches others in a positive way, then you can be just happy :)
Have a nice day lovely people!

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