Thursday, 21 April 2011


Life is hard at times. Each of us has their own term of defining what LIFE is. Life sometimes caters what you need, what you desire, but most of the time, life gives you a tonne of shits. LOL. Life itself will park you in so many dotted parking places, its either you get the right road or not. If you fell in the wrong road and break into a thousand pieces, there's nothing better you could do apart from getting up again and never be afraid to kick off a fresh start. You can't quit in life, never be a quitter, if u want to achieve something, you gotta stick with something. I learnt that, and im still learning now.

My past has really taught me lessons. something valuable and too precious for words. and I feel glad, those freaking hard days made me who I am today, at this time, this place. I understand that every corner of your life, everything you are doing, there always comes challenges, not all people could go through every moment of it, some of em might just give up and feel like the world hates them, *Ive been there* but yeah come to think of it, patience are genius, dudeee! :D If you have patience with you, you are strong-willing, believe me, those challenges are just a stepping stone to something better. :-)

I am not perfect, I have flaws, I make mistakes a lot, I'm loved by some, hated by many, I admit i never close to the word perfect. I never wish to be perfect. I am ugly, I am such a mess for people, I don't always get everything what I want. I'm fat, I'm short. when I'm sad, i fake my laughs and smiles. I've ever been dumped, been left behind, been betrayed. basically I have been through 'everything'.

Here, in this blog, let me just share some past experiences with you, I never mean to dig up my history, this is just a thought of sharing something in my own perspective. :-) Ohhh! Maybe I could share some knowledge with you too :)

Keep it on track, gahh!

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