Wednesday, 27 April 2011

fashion awareness.

some of you, especially my closed friends would have known what I liked most? =)

i love shoes so much. boleh jadi gila ok tengok kasut. grr. I just like them. :) everytime I go to malls, ill definitely check out the footwear. i could die for them i tell u! :D

Trend come and go, and we always want to lead something new, something different from others, something that  may give you the 'beautiful and stylish' look. errr whateverr.

Some people are scared to dress up their ways, they are too afraid of what people gonna say to them cause they are not ready to face the shits, but look, who cares? people are going to always talk, even if you are going the right way, they are still talking anyway. typical. Fashion and style is all about expressing yourself, sometimes when you dress up like a pornstar, you dont necessarily have to be one (if you wish not to!) and sometimes when you put a doll-up like a diva, it doesn't mean you are a voguedevas diva!

If people are dressed up something different from your way, do not question or do not judge them. let them be. at least they have got style for themselves unlike you for being so dirt and plain soul. why do you have to bother about their style? they buy everything with their own money or at least their parents buy for them. learn to accept differences in people. if u start bitching around about people, someday, trust me, u'd make a fool of yourself by doing things that your enemies previously did (they could have been better somehow!) just belt up, and those fashion people are just flying blind :) they are definitely leading such a cool lifestyle i tell yuh!

If you were to bump into a group of guys who wear something captivating your eyes from head to toe, let them be, they are just expressing themselves, do not give such a snorty look, it shows you are just envious of their style. boo too bad. too bad. and oh if you were to see girls dressing up such a diva, don't bother, and if you are jealous, then start talking bad about her. that defines who you are, actually. :)

practise accepting differences in people. we have zillions of people in this world, some might not meet our expectations and only a few could do with that. whatever it is don't come crashing people's ears. no good. accept people for who they are, and you will get that in return.

have a lovely week-enddddd purdyyy!

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