Friday, 29 April 2011


Thank you for all the good deeds.
May you be placed among the righteous.
Your family shall miss you most.

Have a wonderful life, there.
May Allah get you to the highest level, Al Jannah. Amin

Everything in the world is temporary.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I am learning Murphy's law and practising hard lines.


fashion awareness.

some of you, especially my closed friends would have known what I liked most? =)

i love shoes so much. boleh jadi gila ok tengok kasut. grr. I just like them. :) everytime I go to malls, ill definitely check out the footwear. i could die for them i tell u! :D

Trend come and go, and we always want to lead something new, something different from others, something that  may give you the 'beautiful and stylish' look. errr whateverr.

Some people are scared to dress up their ways, they are too afraid of what people gonna say to them cause they are not ready to face the shits, but look, who cares? people are going to always talk, even if you are going the right way, they are still talking anyway. typical. Fashion and style is all about expressing yourself, sometimes when you dress up like a pornstar, you dont necessarily have to be one (if you wish not to!) and sometimes when you put a doll-up like a diva, it doesn't mean you are a voguedevas diva!

If people are dressed up something different from your way, do not question or do not judge them. let them be. at least they have got style for themselves unlike you for being so dirt and plain soul. why do you have to bother about their style? they buy everything with their own money or at least their parents buy for them. learn to accept differences in people. if u start bitching around about people, someday, trust me, u'd make a fool of yourself by doing things that your enemies previously did (they could have been better somehow!) just belt up, and those fashion people are just flying blind :) they are definitely leading such a cool lifestyle i tell yuh!

If you were to bump into a group of guys who wear something captivating your eyes from head to toe, let them be, they are just expressing themselves, do not give such a snorty look, it shows you are just envious of their style. boo too bad. too bad. and oh if you were to see girls dressing up such a diva, don't bother, and if you are jealous, then start talking bad about her. that defines who you are, actually. :)

practise accepting differences in people. we have zillions of people in this world, some might not meet our expectations and only a few could do with that. whatever it is don't come crashing people's ears. no good. accept people for who they are, and you will get that in return.

have a lovely week-enddddd purdyyy!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

you've got great smiles? then im falling fr you babyy!

hello beautiful people!

:) do you know  how you can be sexy to someone? how? just smile to them with all your heart. that makes u sexy and beautiful :) remember, first impression is very important!

When someone meets you, they make split second decisions about who you are, what you're like to be with, and much more. This is true for friends, for potential dates, for business partners, and much more. ITs part of how the world goes around. Good or bad, it's important to be aware of this.
One of the very first things a person looks at is your face. the eyes are the windows to the soul, and all of that. Then, as you start talking, people naturally watch the lips.

texture of the lip is very important, you do not want it to look cracked or dried right? so use your moisturizer. you need that, seriously. drink a plenty of water and hydrate it. If ui want your lips to be plump like angelina jolie? usually the upper lip will thin out faster, but you can always make it smooth and plump by just putting smiles on your face, thats more or less like a face exercise ya know? :D

THE MAIN TOPIC HERE is just : smile :) smile :)

Your face will be ten times prettier by simply smiling, betulll! remember, your face is your most obvious tool of expression, usually its the first thing people see. People make first impressions about us based on our faces. So show the world you're feeling happy by smiling.
You'll not only be prettier, people will wonder what you're up to, lalalala.
Don't be a grouch. Be friendly. Smile. Laugh often. Smiling happy people are more approachable and prettier. and guys love those girls who smile alot and make them laugh. seriously! :D


Have you been into a relationship?whether it succeeds or fails but I'm sure you people have gone through that phase of life. It's pretty hard to keep it going but i understand for those who are still now in the 'love-is-in-the-air-moment'  and perhaps those who fail :) you know everything requires work. U DEFINITELY NEED WORK to bring it on! 

Every relationship has its ups and downs, just bear with it, there will be something awaits for you both, trust me! its just a matter of time. Couples do argue. and they still happy? hows that sounds? good ey? :) yeah. Any couple who says WE NEVER FIGHT? darnn liars sial. just question them about the quality of their relationship?

Those couples who talk honestly and openly, definitely they will come to a disagreement between them at one point. but you can always make the 'argument' become to a ohh-baby-im-making-up-fr-you.

its just simple :

1) never say Im right, you are wrong or even worst why are u so..? you are the type of person who..? 
2) Listen well. pay attention to the core emotions your partner is expressing and listen to what your partner really wants/needs.
4) Be positive and show empathy :)
5) making up :)
6) do not criticize, or show defensiveness. it makes the relationship uglier.

so learn, people. learn!

she's so cute. since last year, ive never get bored of watching all her videos. Im a big fan of yours! hee :D

Friday, 22 April 2011


I am worth, i love myself, so I gotta do something what I love to do. I am not gonna listen to bullshits


So, I was reading Reader's Digest. Flipped through many pages, something captivated my attention to read, absorbing some snippets of information I must say.

It's about Hellen Keller. Thought she was only an american author, now I know she was formerly a lecturer and a political activist. She was actually not born blind and deaf but when she was 19 months she had this meningitis, its something like congestion of the brain and stomach. Gah! pitiful. I feel great I was born normally and do not have such disease. Alhamdulillah.

I quoted some of her sayings :

- All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.
- Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Very much inspiring :)

Ohh and one more, me likeyyyy so much

When one door of happiness closes, another door opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened before us.


I am figuring out ways. ways on :)

we'll see :)

sugar rush

From now on, I just want to be happy :D i do not want to linger on small matter probably that will make me down.

I just wanna focus on the purpose of life. I am going to be determined :D But something that you need to know is being happy doesn't mean everything is perfectly alright :) I just choose to look beyond imperfections. I am gonna appreciate and like what I have instead of what I dont have. after all life is just too short to be sad about.

I am going through hell and Ill keep going, I just wanna have 'checked' for my goals. it seems hard if you think it is, but if you have the effort, you have faith, everything is just in your hands. I just wanna give a meaning to my suffering all this while.

and I understand, no matter how hard we try to be happy, if something bad comes up, they will always bring us down, yeah i got it. buat terbaik jea la kan? LOL

whatever it is, let you life touches others in a positive way, then you can be just happy :)
Have a nice day lovely people!

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Life is hard at times. Each of us has their own term of defining what LIFE is. Life sometimes caters what you need, what you desire, but most of the time, life gives you a tonne of shits. LOL. Life itself will park you in so many dotted parking places, its either you get the right road or not. If you fell in the wrong road and break into a thousand pieces, there's nothing better you could do apart from getting up again and never be afraid to kick off a fresh start. You can't quit in life, never be a quitter, if u want to achieve something, you gotta stick with something. I learnt that, and im still learning now.

My past has really taught me lessons. something valuable and too precious for words. and I feel glad, those freaking hard days made me who I am today, at this time, this place. I understand that every corner of your life, everything you are doing, there always comes challenges, not all people could go through every moment of it, some of em might just give up and feel like the world hates them, *Ive been there* but yeah come to think of it, patience are genius, dudeee! :D If you have patience with you, you are strong-willing, believe me, those challenges are just a stepping stone to something better. :-)

I am not perfect, I have flaws, I make mistakes a lot, I'm loved by some, hated by many, I admit i never close to the word perfect. I never wish to be perfect. I am ugly, I am such a mess for people, I don't always get everything what I want. I'm fat, I'm short. when I'm sad, i fake my laughs and smiles. I've ever been dumped, been left behind, been betrayed. basically I have been through 'everything'.

Here, in this blog, let me just share some past experiences with you, I never mean to dig up my history, this is just a thought of sharing something in my own perspective. :-) Ohhh! Maybe I could share some knowledge with you too :)

Keep it on track, gahh!


Okay, hello people :)
Today, I feel so excited to do a new blog after so long i never hook up with this blogging thang :P
I used to blogging before, but the blog didn't stay long. hopefully this one will last! LOL
okayyyy byeeeee beautiful people :D